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» Welcome folks!

it's been an awful long time since I uploaded some comic pages but I finally decided (and also have the time for that) to continue with my most favourite story "Read between the lines". It's old and actually there was a thought about drawing it new but a few people told me not to draw it completely new, so I'll just continue : )

I'm almost done studiing and after that I'm gonna draw the whole story 'till it's very end! I promise! (I hope I make it)

For those who know RBTL from "Comicstars" I have a little surprise (/thank-you-gift)! Just leave me note : ) Since Comicstars isn't alive anymore I can't upload my pages there anymore. I hope everyone will understand why I switched sides.

Anyway! I'm looking forward for finishing this damn story XD
Hope you'll stay with me and leave a comment from time to time!

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